Created in Java


” Jolie Toupie ! Tourne le plus vite possible !

Jolie Toupie ! Tourne le plus longtemps possible !

Jolie Toupie ! Emmène – moi dans ton tourbillon !

 Emporte-moi dans Le Tourbillon de la Vie “

Imagine a whole group of Indonesian children playing, laughing, challenging each other to see which one of these “gasing” or “panggalan” will be spinning the longest …

These 3 spinning-tops come from Java! They resemble the ones manufactured in the early 20th century.

They are all 3 in wood but 2 of them are finished in metal at each end! The smallest has a diameter of 10 cm. The 2 biggest measure 14 cm in diameter.

Placed in a vide-poche , in the middle of other unusual objects, they will make a sensation and who knows, perhaps they will tell you their story?