October and November

Created by Mother Nature and Komang

First of all, let me remind you that all the wood present in Manijao is from sustainable and legal forests and are controlled during the cutting.

A table !

Mother Nature, with all the patience we know, wanted to give the best by making this Suar grow in the heart of Indonesia. One day, this tree came to maturity and it was decided to cut it.

Komang knew how to choose it for its silhouette, its strength and its character. He has then cut it into slices and created tables and benches according to their shape so that their union is complementary.

What could be simpler? What could be more noble? What more sensual than this set, table and benches to delight your interior?

Imagine big tables of friends, family members, all gathered to share an evening of laughter, exchanges around a good dish … All sitting around this table! What a beautiful tribute to this magnificent Suar!

The benches and table are 2 meters long. The tray has a thickness of 8.5 cm. Of imperfect shape, it measures at the widest 90 cm and the narrowest 73 cm.

Their finish is just oiled.