created by Nyoman


For the Item of this Month of December, Bali is in the spotlight!

Gunung Agung, the legendary volcano of Bali, poses a terrible danger to all the inhabitants living on the slopes and at its base !

Nyoman, who made this magnificent horse lives and works south of this volcano, about sixty kilometers away.

While we see very few horses on this part of the island, Nyoman, from a mental image, was able to reproduce a resting horse

To do this, he first chose a piece of wood with a nice veining so that the horse’s dress comes out . He then cut it with a chainsaw, giving it the initial shape of a lying horse. Then he gave it life after long hours to carve it by hand and with simple chisels.

This horse is made of suar wood, semi-precious wood used mainly for sculptures .

It measures 56 cm long and 30 cm high.


It will delight horse lovers, lovers of crafts, wood lovers!