Created by Atik



Cube Lamp Capiz

As the world is turning crazy…  it’ about time to see a little bit clearer and to shine a light on the future !!


This lamp, cube, could help us in this project !  If we just turn it on for all shady areas to dissapear !

From a  resin shape, Atik covered it with thin “sheets of Capiz“ and so offered a soft light into your interior.


Capiz is just thin layers of mother of pearl, taking from a shell, the “placuna placenta” .


But you can also place it verticaly and it will brighten a space on your bookshelf, for example.

This lamp, with its sheet of glass, could be laid horizontaly and be used as a illuminating stand for any sculpture that you find dear.




“it’s hip to be square…”

Wherever this lamp will stand, it will give a intimate ambiance to your room, full of softness and poetry…

And as Huey Lewis sang in the 80’s,