Created by Tini




The Circle of Humanity


Faced with so many conflicts, it was necessary to find a solution quickly … How to unite the inhabitants of our planet so beloved around the flame of brotherhood, peace and tolerance?

Tini has modeled one after another, five characters for the 5 continents and with dexterity, she joined them in a circle , with its center fraternal fire.

This candle holder, 40 cm diameter and 40 cm in height can be seated at the center of a beautiful table of friends, all gathered to share a moment of conviviality.

It is made of terracotta (red clay), entirely shaped by hand and cooked in an traditional wood-oven and finally patinated and dried under the Indonesian sun.

This unique model is available in 3 different patinas: antique gray, flamed gingerbread and antique gold.


Created by Tini, working as part of a collective of potters on the island of Lombok