Created by Titik





As an Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders, Sandoa tries to slow down the swirling rhythm of the planet, thanks to his strength and determination!

He is there, supporting the World, while maintaining the balance !

This lamp was made by Titik. It is composed of different materials; We have Sandoa in albizia wood, hand carved by Titik, the ball is made of resin and decorated in a crazy crazy crazy paint! As for the base, it is a pavement of medium wood or MDF, tinted in black.


Its size, 30 cm long by 15 cm wide and a maximum height of 19 cm, will allow it to be placed anywhere in the house, on a library, a desk, a console, a bedroom, a living room or an entrance.

It will be discreet while having a real presence thanks to the force that emerges from the set.