Manijao is a store dedicated to handicraft from Indonesia on the principle of fair trade, all products are either manufactured by a small family factory, artists or by  a collective of Indonesians .

Our furniture and objects are designed and handcrafted by careful selection :

– Renewable materials: exotic fast growing like palm wood, coconut wood, bamboo, rattan, coconut (fruit and shell), mother of pearl, but also so-called semi-precious woods like suar and precious woods such as cultivated teak tree, licensed “Indonesian Legal wood.”

– Ease of access for artisans to different materials, resulting in an non-additional cost of purchase, transport and production.

Strong network of artisans, artists, and community and listening to daily problems such as access to education for their children, health, environmental protection.....

Manijao does not belong to any network of channels such as “Commerce Equitable” or ”Commerce Ethiquable” which are mostly marketing arguments far away from local problems in terms of solidarity, economy, environmental management, health or education.

Our main principles are:

– Working with “disadvantaged” producers

– “Commercial relationship” fair and long term

– Respect for human rights

– Preservation and enhancement of cultures and local “savoir-faire”

– Acceptance of checks on compliance with criteria and materials

– Pay the right price, without any negotiation, and pre-finance production