Created by Wayan




Gamelan, the indonesian name for orchestras in Java and Bali, where bronze percussion instruments predominate. The number and type of instrument will vary according to the genre of music played.


The Gamelan is an integral part of Indonesian life, whether for shadow or puppet theatre, masked dances, processions, religious ceremonies or solemn feasts.

These 5 players  of Gamelan are faithful to those one could meet while crossing a paddy field in a kampung (or village). They wear the Kamen (sarong/pareo), the Selendang (scarf) and the Udeng (cap). On their right ear, they wear a cempaka flower received during a blessing before beginning to play.


They were carved carefully in albizia wood and then hand painted to make them as realistic as possible. These 5 players represent the art of Wayan, wood carver on the island of Bali.


Each player measures 22 cm high on 17 cm wide, laid on a base of 23 x 12 x 2,5

Create a space for them, a display! Close your eyes and let yourself be surrounded by the sound of the Gamelan!