Created by Mother Nature and Minko,



Console Asli

If one day you find yourself walking somewhere in one of the many Indonesian forests, you might meet this majestic tree that is called Teak in the west but is named Jati in Bahasa Indonesia.

The tree that gave us this console was cut long ago. After the trunk was used to serve as a canoe , base and roots were waiting to be given a second life.

Minko has kept the base of the trunk and roots. And after a few cuts, cleaning, polishing and waxing, he gave life to this wonderful console.


Purists will leave such as is and have the choice of the facade … the heart of the tree or the roots.

Some will add  a glass sheet to optimise the top, while keeping the original idea.

This console can also lie down and become a coffee table  on which we add a glass plate to play with transparency and thus leave the maze of roots to tell us their stories.

Whatever the interior it will find and use, console or coffee table, it will make us travel through Indonesia and thereby giving us its simplicity and its authenticity.

This console is 1.60m wide, measuring 80 cm high, and its top is 40 cm.