created by Suharto


The angklung is a musical instrument in bamboo and at the same time a set of musicians using it. It is all about a complex rattle popular in Indonesia and all South-East Asia.

It consists of at least two tubes of bamboo suspended in a frame and which emit a sound when we shake them laterally. Tubes are tuned on the octaves of the same note.

The Indonesian formations, mainly Java, include angklung of different sizes (between 0,50 and 1 meter in height) to play melodies. The size of every tube of bamboo determines the height of the sound. On the base of the instrument, a segmented resonator helps to throw the “crépitan” sound .

“Angklung Indonesian” was registered in 2010 by the UNESCO on the representative list of the immaterial cultural heritage of humanity. We can play the angklung in the form of orchestra or in traditional music or still in the form of temporal music

We are going to find it within the “gamelan angklung”or “angklung klentangan”. These popular gamelans are intended for the funeral rites played with 18 musicians. The only ones of the variations of agreements differentiate instruments according to country of origin.

This angklung was made in Solo, it is 60 cms long and in the point the highest 69 cms.

It can, either to delight the musician, lover of world music, or to decorate an inside!