created by Atik and Marni 


What a pity to see a bird in a cage! 

What a poem to see  a bird perched on the highest loops !

What a happiness a cage of ivy which, like a jewellery case, protects a mother-of-pearl ball !

This lamp is manufactured from various materials.


First of all, we have a resin ball entirely covered with mother-of-pearl sheets called Capiz, which thanks to the know-how of Atik amazes us. This mother-of-pearl, once taken from the shell and kept humid, will remain flexible and will solidify while drying!

The golden fingers of Marni for whom metal has no secret, knew how to work, twist, model, hammer the stands of this alloy to create a cage of ivy on which a delicate bird came to land.

The association of these two artists made it possible the Burung lamp to come out!

It measures 107 cm high with a diameter of 35 cm on a base of 20 cm. 


Whether placed on the floor, on a small pedestal or on a console, it will bring poetry, delicacy and softness into your home!