July and August

created by Asmara 

One Coffee, Please !

This simple sentence, that all of us have said one day or the other, awakens our senses!

First, the scent of the coffee will come to tickle your sense of coffee!

Then, the taste buds will enter in action with the first mouthful!

And if we added a delight for the eye and the touch…




Imagine that we serve you your coffee in these magnificient teak cups!

The first pleasure will be to take in the brilliant and warm colors of the wood.

The curves and the lines drawn by the veins of the wood can only amaze us in front of

Mother Nature’s exploit!

The sweetness and the harmony of the curve of the cup will come then! Everything is soft! Everything is rounded off and the Infinite sign takes shape from a cup to the other one!
This magnificient work, we owe to Asmara who knew how to choose very beautiful blocks of teak and thanks to the quality of its work, a cup and its saucer were created!

It’s happiness to hold this cup in our hands! Our fingers will not grow tired of caressing the wood!

Let it tempt you and enjoy the tasting!

All  present wood at Manijao comes from substainable and legal forests, under the license “Indonesian Legal Wood” and “Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade”