created by a collective of artists

The Whirlwind

Who has never been caught in a whirlwind?



Whirlwind of Life!


Whirlwind of Time

Whirlwind of Thoughts!


Looking at this sculpture, everyone will project their own experiences, their own ideas and let themselves be swept away!

This magnificent work measures 65 cm high in total with an outer circle of 60 cm in diameter.

It is made using different materials.

We have black tinted medium for the base. The metal composes the different circles and the man is made of Suar wood, carved by hand

It exists in 2 possible finishes, either natural or black.

Regarding the first finish, the metal and the medium will give it a very contemporary character, while the wood will bring warmth and softness. as for the second finish, the character being painted in black, we stay in a more contemporary style work.

Thanks to this set of materials and this choice of finishing, this sculpture will be able to find residence in each one of us.